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17-18 Degree Gemini: Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese In A Western Crowd (and Donald Trump’s Xenophobia)

Mundane keywords: social misfits, cultural diversity, minority groups, multilingual, multiple ethnic and cultural identities, one who has difficulty assimilating, foreign languages or specialized languages/codes, China and the Chinese people, cultural ambassador, segregation. Social and psychological keywords: being singled out for … Continue reading

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21-22 Degree Sagittarius: A Chinese Laundry (and Donald Trump’s Moon)

San Francisco Chinese laundry, 1881. Public Domain. Mundane keywords: immigrants, racial issues, labor, self-employment, East Asia and its people, washing and laundering (literal and metaphorical), stereotyping and character assassination, foreigners and aliens, society-imposed limitations. Social and psychological keywords: racism, stereotyping, … Continue reading

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